We are a small, family run grooming salon, daycare facility and breeders of the Border Collies and German Spitz (Mittle) breeds in Upper Hutt, Wellington. We take great pride in producing an all round, healthy, family pet, with excellent temperament, intelligence, as well as good looks. Our dogs are a big part of our family, who are well loved and have access to 10 acres of land to run amuck as well as being allowed to curl up inside, on the couch, if they choose.

Why choose us?


We strive to create a positive experience and environment for all our clients. We deliver top-notch services & work with every client to ensure that they all leave satisfied, whether it be with a new puppy, a quality groom or superior care for their dog.


We use only the best quality products & tools in our salon while providing quality care in our daycare. We don’t focus on the number of dogs that come through our doors, we focus on the quality of the services we provide. We stand by the saying ‘quality over quantity’.


We care for the environment, that is why we use natural, pet safe, environmentally friendly products. We’re in the process of teaming up with an organisation that collects all of our waste, from plastics to the dog hair, to recycle and reuse it, helping better our environment.


Our knowledge & experience in the dog industry allows us to work with dogs of all sizes & personality types. As we understand their way of thinking it helps create more positive experiences and allows us to diversify our services to cater to a wider range of dogs that others may not typically work with.

Located at 2/2 Jupiter Grove, Trentham, we are just a short stop off of the main motorway making it easy for commuters on their way to work and central enough for those who live close by.