All dogs deserve to be pampered

Our salon is always open to dogs of all breeds & sizes

At Leveisha, we take great pride in creating a positive environment for the dogs when in our care, we are also very passionate about providing quality service and grooms for all our clients. We care about your dog and their well-being, part of this is helping educate clients on how to take the best care of their dogs coat, as we believe a well-cared for dog is a happy dog!

Our grooming salon is welcome to dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. If your dog has any behavioural issues or anxieties around grooming, we are always willing to work with them to the best of our ability. We do this by helping to desensitise them to the processes of grooming and create a more positive outlook for them. Our focus is the quality of the grooms, not the quantity, so each dog has the best possible experience.

Our team is made up of professional groomers who have many years experience in the grooming industry. Our team are well-versed in dog behaviour and handling so are able to work with ‘difficult’ or ‘temperamental’ dogs that most groomers won’t typically take on. We are always willing to work with any dog and provide them the best experience possible. Our salon focuses on creating a calm, friendly environment rather than a fast pace production line. We are completely transparent with our clients as we understand the trust you put into us caring for your dog.

A big part of Leveisha grooming is about educating and helping owners take care and maintaining their dog’s coat in-between grooms. This means providing advice and information on what tools are best for their dog, how often you should be brushing/grooming them and tips on how to handle them when grooming at home.

As breeders of Border Collies and German Spitz (Mittel), we are especially passionate about educating people regarding double coated breeds. We do not shave double coated dogs as it can ruin their coat long term as well as upset their natural cooling system. Instead, we offer a de-shedding service to reduce the undercoat in hotter weather. Not sure if you have a double coated breed? Enquire today and we can let you know!

We believe regular grooming is important when maintaining a healthy, knot free coat. So, let us do the dirty work and keep your dog’s coat looking immaculate!

Full Groom

This services includes:

  • Full body clipping & styling
  • Sanitary & paw pad clean up
  • Bath & blow dry
  • Nail Trimming

From – $95

(this service is catered to non-shedding breeds – we do not clip double coated breeds)

Bath & Tidy

This service includes:

  • Tidying of the face & feet
  • Sanitary & paw pad clean up
  • Bath & blow dry
  • Nail Trim

From – $80

Bath & Brush Out

This service includes:

  • Complete brush out & de-shed
  • Sanitary & paw pad clean up
  • Bath & blow dry
  • Nail trim

From – $70

(this services is catered to double coated breeds)

Bath & Dry

This service includes:

  • Bath & blow dry
  • Light brushing of the coat

From – $50

Nail Trimming - $25