A place where dogs can learn & play in a safe way

Our focus, when creating our daycare, was to provide a safe, friendly environment for small-medium sized dogs to socialise and play. Our spacious play area is equipped for all types of weather, with lots of fun activities to keep your dog entertained throughout the day. We are well-educated and experienced in dog handling & behaviour and understand the importance of taking good care of other peoples fur-babies, this is why we will care for each dog as if they are an extension of our own family.

Why choose us?


Based in Trentham, Upper Hutt, we are easily accessible to those who live centrally as well as anyone travelling to & from work. You can find us inside the Simply Rural building on Jupiter Grove, situated less than a minute from the main motorway, allowing for quick and easy handovers without having to detour too far from your regular route to work, missing all that nasty traffic on your way through.


Leveisha staff are experienced dog handlers who are equipped to handle any situation that comes their way. They are trained in dog behaviour as well as pack dynamics to understand how to handle different dog’s needs. Although we are capable of dealing with anti-social or reactive dogs, our facility is not catered to extreme cases, therefore further behavioural training, through us, may be recommended if this is needed.


Our daycare is catered to ALL breeds of dogs, including our larger fur-friends! We allow dogs of all ages, from young puppies who can’t be left at home alone to older dogs looking for someone to spend the day with. We are always willing to give any dog an opportunity to be socialised, whether it be with Leveisha or one of our sister facilities. At Leveisha, we want everyone to feel welcome and know that their dogs are in good hands.

What you can expect from us

Quality Service

We understand the importance of caring for people’s dogs & building positive connections with owners. This is why we are completely transparent with the way we do things in order to build a trustful rapport with our clientele. Our daycare is always supervised by our handlers to ensure all dogs are getting along in a safe & controlled way. Our handlers are there to keep the area clean & tidy while also managing the dogs behaviours and resting any dogs when needed. Our daycare is designed to provide positive group settings with other dogs as well as individual attention to each dog in our care. This is why we promote quality over quantity.

A Safe & Friendly Environment

Our play area is equipped with fun activities to keep the dogs stimulated throughout each day. Our staff engage with the dogs through play, training and affection to better their connections. Due to health & safety, we do not have any stuffed toys, couches, etc. in our daycare as we see it as a potentional hazard to the dogs. Our daycare is a concreted section with artificial grass and is equipped with raised beds with blankets for the dogs to lounge on. We also have a separate penned area for any dogs that need rest away from the pack. This is all to ensure every dog gets something out of attending our daycare.

Positive Interactions

One of our top priorities in our daycare is to ensure all the dogs are getting along. Part of this is teaching any over-bearing or high energy dogs good manners when playing with others. Our goal is to create a harmonious environment for dogs of all ages and to teach positive social etiquette to all the dogs in our care. Our handlers are present to manage and train the dogs on how to meet and greet in a calm, respectful manner, play fairly and learn when to give another dog space. Our principles are based on pack dynamics and hierarchy, which we have observed from our own pack of dogs, in order to train the dogs in a way they will understand and learn quickly.